AxRuntime (AxRT) is a tool for application developers who enjoy creating their applications using Amiga APIs.

The runtime allows developers to continue developing Amiga applications in unmodified way while at the same time being able to utilize modern development tools available on Linux or Windows like IDEs, debuggers, profilers, etc. (More...)

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AROS ABIv11 20220318-1 - 2022-03-20

AROS ABIv11 20220318-1 changes:

  Breaking changes:
    Align size of struct MsgPort with SMP builds. (deadwood)

      Note that this change impact structures that embed struct MsgPort
      in them, for example struct Process. Impact on applications depend
      on whether they access fields of impact structures. Test of
      currently available applications indicate they are not impacted.

    Don't go into infinite crash loop on critical error (deadwood)
    Unit test extended to allow easy compilation for AmigaOS (deadwood)
    Freeze 32-bit time structures where possible (deadwood)
    Design and documentation of 64-bit time support (deadwood)
    Prioritize 64-bit addreess memory over 32-bit (deadwood)

  64-bit support:
    Fix in NList (deadwood)
    Allow loading of executables compiled in small code model (deadwood)

    AROS Build System (deadwood)
    Add patchelf command (deadwood)

    C library (bugs: #52, crash at expunge) (deadwood)
    muimaster.library (bugs: #51, #53, #62) (deadwood)
    debug-handler (deadwood)
    reqtools.library (bugs: #50) (deadwood)
    p96gfx.hidd (bugs: switch match to gfx card mode) (deadwood)
    webp.datatype (bugs: crash when using Multiview) (deadwood)
    png.datatype (bugs: wrong rendering of png icons) (deadwood)
    intuition.library (bugs: wrong compilation for SMP build) (deadwood)
    StackSnoop (deadwood)
    dos.library (bugs: #60) (deadwood)
    utility.library (bugs: #63) (deadwood)
    debug.library (bugs: wrong adresses in 64-bit mode) (deadwood)

AROS ABIv11 20211231-1 - 2022-01-03

AROS ABIv11 20211231-1 changes:

  This is initial release of AROS ABIv11 x86_64 bringing more than 25 years of AROS
  development to 64-bit environment with stable ABI.